If your sale type supports it, and if you have permission, you can record payment transactions against a sale by tapping on the Less Paid field in the Total tab of the Sale.

From here you can see any existing transactions listed (and tap to edit those), or you can create a new transaction by tapping on the + button (top-right).

The Payment Detail screen shows the follow fields for entry:

  • Received – Choose the status this sale will be set to when it is saved.
  • Method – Select the “Payment Method for this transaction
  • Amount – Enter the amount to be paid. This defaults to the total amount owing. Note that if paying by Cash and the amount needs to be rounded, an additional Rounding field will be shown, indicating the cents being rounded.
  • Comments – Enter any comments against this transaction
  • Received By – This shows the user who is creating the transaction. This cannot be changed.
  • Ref. No. – Enter an optional reference number against this transaction for your own purposes.
  • Balance – This value is automatically calculated on the fly as you change the Amount.

Tap Done up the top-right to save the Transaction and return to the Transactions List.