The Customers page contains all of the customers that your user account has permission to see.
From here you can search for a customer and invite them to use SalesIn B2B, or change their account details.

Click on the B2B column to show the options available.

  • Send invitation to (email) – This is your customer’s email address. This will become their username, and the invitation email to use SalesIn B2B will be sent here. This must be unique and not used by another customer or SalesIn user.
  • Allocate customer’s orders – Nominate a SalesIn user that will become the assigned user for any order created by your customer.
  • Order from this Location – This option is only shown for companies with multiple item locations defined. For simplicity, customers using SalesIn B2B can only order stock from a single item location and this needs to be defined here.

Once you are happy with the options, you can click Enable, and the invitation will be sent.

Invitation email example:

The invitation email is constructed using your company details, and a few other variables.
Here’s what it looks like:

Dear John Smith

A user account has been created for you to log in to our Online Ordering website. 

Password: (Not yet set) 

Click here to login for the first time and set your password.

Next time you need to login, you can do so from our website here:

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us on 03 9566 7600 
or email

Kind Regards, 

The team at My Little Shop

The highlighted areas in the above email content are obtained from the following places:

  • – This is the email address you defined for the customer when inviting them to SalesIn B2B.
  • – This is the default way for customers to login. You can change this URL on the SalesIn B2B Settings page, under Administration.
  • 03 9566 7600 – This is your company phone number, which comes from the Company Settings page, under Administration.
  • – This is your company email address, which comes from the Company Settings page, under Administration.
  • My Little Shop – This is your company name, which comes from the Company Settings page, under Administration.